22 June 2012

[SharePoint] Wildcard Filter in Web Parts

SharePoint OOB filter web parts are quite useful. But sometimes (or often) we need a "little bit more" of them. One of the most wanted feature is how to filter a web part using only part of a word (wildcard search)

Luckily data view web part is always there to help us. Below you can find some good post about it:

"The Text Filter Web Part – Without Having To Filter Exact Text"

And if you still have doubts about SharePoint Designers 2010 exclusives web parts, you can give a look here:

"Working with Web Parts in SharePoint Designer 2010"


Mihail Stacanov said...

Dear Jason,

The link from sharepoint911.com doesn't work :(
Somebody should look to ULS logs for this Correlation ID: aeea5ff7-fd65-42e6-905b-3cc4dcc0977e

Alexandre Menezes said...

Hi Mihail.
I just track the 911 post and I updated the link.
Cheers, Alex

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